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Good Clean Fun

While taking a shower, Timothy James Chapek realized he wasn’t alone in the house. He had broken in to the Portland, Ore., home, and was suddenly afraid that the homeowner might be armed. He was, at least, certain that there were a couple of angry German shepherds just outside the door. So he called 911 to ask for help. Meanwhile, the homeowner had also called police. The 55-year-old homeowner and her daughter had just returned from shopping when she realized someone was inside. When she demanded to know who was in the bathroom, Chapek responded with his real name. Shortly after, police arrived and took him into custody. (JW/Portland Oregonian) ...It might be smart for all burglars to consider the homeowner might be armed — before making the decision to break in.
Original Publication Date: 20 March 2011
This story is in True’s book collections, in Volume 17.

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