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Like most states, Illinois bans “suggestive” lettering on personalized auto license plates. Illinois goes a bit further than most states, however: there are nearly 5,000 banned letter combinations, and the “Special Plate Inhibit List” grows by about 20 per week. BOOGR is banned. So is BOOTIE, and even DOGLIPS. “Some of them just make me shake my head,” says the head of the 15-person special plate department, Candace Wanzo (UPDWAZU: banned, as is MKNBCN). “As you drive along the highways there are also children reading the plates,” she says. Thus, SKINYDP and BRKNWND are banned, and “we had to recall all the WTF plates.” One plate was recalled only because of the brand of vehicle it was on. It read “GIV ME A” — on a Hummer. (RC/Chicago Sun-Times) ...GIV ME A BRK!
Original Publication Date: 27 March 2011
This story is in True’s book collections, in Volume 17.

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