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His Humble Opinion

A reporter following up on a story about the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s order that the Hooters restaurant chain must also hire men to wait tables went to a Hooters in Charlotte, N.C., to interview patrons. One apparent regular, James Posey, wasn’t shy about expressing his opinion. “The whole concept of Hooters would be undermined if they had to hire male waiters. The girls are basically what Hooters is about,” he said. But when it was revealed later that Posey is better known as the Rev. James Posey of Woodlawn Baptist Church, he resigned his pulpit, noting he is “frustrated over the lack of growth at Woodlawn.” (RC/AP) ...Sounds like the flock was just following its leader, rev.
Original Publication Date: 17 December 1995
This story is in True’s book collections, in Volume 2.

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