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Holy Nitwit, Batman

He calls himself the Watchman. He won’t give his real name, and his identity is obscured by a bright red mask that covers half his goateed face. He wears black boots, black pants, black leather gloves and a black trench coat, and there’s a big yellow circle with a big “W” on the chest of his black hooded sweatshirt. “I’m what people refer to as a real-life superhero,” he says. By night on weekends, he patrols the Milwaukee, Wisc., Riverwest neighborhood, looking for injustice and evildoers. “While most reactions to what I do are positive, there are a few negative responses,” he explains, adding that the disguise protects his wife and two young sons from any of that. “I’m the one who decided to do this, not them,” he says. He had contemplated becoming a police officer before donning his mask. Now, he patrols the neighborhood brandishing a flashlight, pepper spray, and a cell phone. (JW/Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel) ...Not only does he wear a disguise, his wife and kids wear paper bags over their heads when they go out in public.
Original Publication Date: 24 October 2010
This story is in True’s book collections, in Volume 17.
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