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Impersonating an Attractive Guy

A man driving a moped was seen swerving in and out of traffic in Indianapolis, Ind. Police officer Christen Rudell pulled him over and gave him a ticket for operating a scooter on an interstate, exceeding the moped speed limit, and driving with a suspended license. After she handed him the ticket, Adam Yarbrough, 22, allegedly asked the officer if she could “call it even” if he gave her $5.00. Rudell declined. Yarbrough wasn’t inclined to give up so easily: if she wouldn’t take back the ticket for cash, how about if he gave her a kiss? “And, well,” he added, according to the resulting report, “I haven’t had sex in a while so how about we do that?” Rudell arrested him for attempted bribery. When Yarbrough continued making sexual remarks and uttering profanities, she added an extra charge of disorderly conduct. (JW/Indianapolis Star) ...Mo-ped, do-ped — what’s the difference?
Original Publication Date: 03 April 2011
This story is in True’s book collections, in Volume 17.

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