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In Like Flint

George Flint, 81, is the oldest lobbyist in the state of Nevada. He planned to keep at it, but a heart attack prompted him to retire. In response, state legislators declared “George Flint Day” to recognize his “outstanding and valuable contributions as Nevada’s longest-standing senior lobbyist.” Flint (most lawmakers call him “Georgie”) also has a day job: he’s an ordained Pentecostal minister who runs a wedding chapel in Reno. He started lobbying on behalf of wedding chapels 52 years ago, but spent the last 30 years lobbying on behalf of a different industry: Nevada’s legal brothels. One goal he didn’t accomplish, even after all that time: getting prostitution legalized statewide: it’s not legal in four of the state’s 16 counties, including “Sin City” itself — Las Vegas’s Clark County — which brings an undesirable crime culture to the city, Flint says. One goal he did accomplish, early on: visiting a brothel as a client. “I’ve never hidden the fact I’ve tasted that merchandise,” he said. He says that one of Jesus’ most loyal followers, Mary Magdalene, was a hooker, and if a prostitute was good enough for Christ, they’re good enough for anyone. (RC/Los Angeles Times) ...An argument that may work on Jesus, but probably won’t on your wife.
Original Publication Date: 17 May 2015
This story is in True’s book collections, in Volume 21.

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