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Is This Deterrence?

When Pooja Gandhi was arrested in a California burglary case, police took possession of eight truckloads of recovered stolen goods. “There’s nobody that’s seized this kind of volume of property,” said San Francisco Police Sgt. Marty Lalor. About three truckloads have been given back to victims, he said — and the rest, a judge has ruled, must be given back to Gandhi, who has served her 15-month sentence. While Gandhi is entitled to whatever is actually hers, Lalor doubts it all is. The property includes suitcases, pricey (and sometimes price-tagged) paintings, laptops, and dog collars. Courtney McSpadden, who was hurrying to determine whether anything stolen from her apartment was still available for return, said: “Now, she’s getting out and she’s actually profiting from this. I think it’s just ridiculous.” (AC/KGO San Francisco) ...Suitcases, paintings, dog collars — what would it take to make you willing to spend 15 months in prison?
Original Publication Date: 08 January 2012
This story is in True’s book collections, in Volume 18.
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