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Joy Ride

Two San Juan County, N.M., sheriff’s deputies were dispatched to a report of a drinking party beside a rural state highway. When they arrived they found cars, a campfire, plenty of empty bottles, but no people. As the deputies headed back to their cars, one pushed the “unlock” button on his key fob as he approached his still-running squad car, and “it was instantaneous from when he hit the remote to the car door opening,” Undersheriff Mark McCloskey said. Someone who had been hiding in the bushes jumped into the car and sped off. The car’s dash camera shows it was driven at high speeds down dirt roads for about two minutes before being abandoned. Matthew Anderson, 21, who deputies found walking nearby, allegedly admitted he had taken the car because “he thought it would be fun.” (RC/Farmington Daily Times) ...If he thinks that two minutes was fun, wait’ll he tries 11 months in the county lockup.
Original Publication Date: 11 October 2009
This story is in True’s book collections, in Volume 16.

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