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Jumbo Lost and Found

The Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, airport placed photos of three 747 jumbo jets in two major newspapers. The reason: they had been left parked there for over a year, and the airport said it couldn’t track down the owners. The notice said that the airport had the right to sell the planes if they weren’t picked up within 14 days. “We are dumbfounded and perplexed by Malaysia Airport’s move,” said the lawyer for Swift Air Cargo, Syed Amir Syakib Arslan. “Swift is the owner and we definitely have not forgotten the planes.” The company said it had legally purchased the planes, and provided Malaysia Airports documentation to show ownership, but the airport operator said the claim couldn’t be verified and has asked for more information. “We were waiting for yet another meeting to present more documentation and information as requested when instead, Malaysia Airports announced to the world that the owner of the planes was missing,” Arslan said. Swift Air, meanwhile, is waiting for a government permit to start operations. (MS/AP) ...Unfortunately, the paperwork for that was lost.
Original Publication Date: 20 December 2015
This story is in True’s book collections, in Volume 22.

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