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Legally Blonde

Two teen girls broke into a tattoo parlor in Fairfield, Maine. But first, they had to get past the alarm system. “They used hair spray” to do that, said Deputy Police Chief Steve Trahan. “They wanted to spray it so the fog would come out and they could see the beam from the alarm system, apparently so they could walk over it or avoid it or crawl under it.” They didn’t come up with the idea themselves. “They said they saw it on TV.” But it didn’t work: the hair spray is actually what set off the alarm, bringing officers in for the arrest. Brittany Blow, 18, and her unnamed juvenile accomplice were charged with burglary. (RC/Waterville Morning Sentinel) ...What they don’t tell you on TV: television shows are fiction.
Author’s Note: A reader accused me of racism over this story. That’s detailed at, which brought a letter from ...Ms Blow!
Publication Date: 12 August 2007
This story is in True’s book collection, Volume 14.

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