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Let’s Be Honest

Troy J. Montgomery, 48, says he’s “stupid” for going to a store in Gig Harbor, Wash., and allegedly pocketing an $8 pair of tweezers. When an employee tried to confront Montgomery as he was walking out, Montgomery pushed him aside — the man fell and cut his arm. That’s assault with injury, and other shoppers stopped Montgomery and held him for police. So is it “stupid” because he has a felony rap over an $8 item? Only partly, Montgomery says. “Besides being stupid, I don’t even need the thing,” he said, adding that taking something he didn’t need is “about the dumbest thing I ever did.” (RC/Tacoma News-Tribune) ...Somehow, I doubt that.
Original Publication Date: 18 July 2010
This story is in True’s book collections, in Volume 17.
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