Meditate on Your Future

“When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” —Paulo Coehlo (in The Alchemist, 1988)

“But you have to ask for that help, and take action to get there.” —Randy Cassingham

This guided meditation is based on your “declaration” — a concise statement of what you want to achieve, the future you want to obtain, your big goal.

Numerous readers have chimed in on what they think about it (click the header to open):

Linda in New York
I love, love, ❤️, 💗 your mediation mp3! Two times through it and I already feel inspired. Please let me know if you have another one available for purchase soon.
Click to Order: just $7. If you have a bootleg copy, which deprives me of payment for my work, you can make it legit by paying for it.

Think of it as a story: the beginning is where you are now. Your declaration is the satisfying ending. And the middle? That’s the path from here to there; that’s the part this meditation helps with — helping you find your way.

It should be a stretch goal, perhaps something just out of reach, that requires you to learn new things. It’s best to have a date in mind for when you might achieve that goal. It could be short term — a matter of months, or long term — a matter of years.

Either way, this goal should be meaningful to you. You’re doing this for you, and perhaps for your legacy. This is not something to do to make someone else happy.

If your declaration is a bit vague at first, that’s OK: with each meditation it should get more specific, deeper, and more clear. It doesn’t have to be perfect from the start, but over time with refinements you make, you’ll probably decide it is perfect! There’s more about it in this short sample:

Future Meditation Sample

This meditation is meant to be done daily until you feel you don’t need it anymore, yet you can start again when you have a new declaration you wish to achieve, or just need to refocus your efforts.

Suzann in California
I really like this meditation. I have listened to it twice now and have been able to really get into the meditation both times. I especially like how [you] remind us to breathe at different intervals without interfering with the meditation itself. I also like how easy it is to listen to and keep my attention to the moment and not wander as so often happens in some guided meditations that I listen to. I like this meditation because it takes us from writing things down to focusing on and visualizing what we are wanting in our life. I also equate it with the mindfulness thinking by having us stay in the positive during the process. I plan on continuing this meditation for several weeks and see what happens.


After you’ve done it a few times and feel like you can add something, try it as a walking meditation. The forward motion gives you another dimension, and don’t worry if you can’t take slow breaths.

OK, Why?

So, why did I create this? One of my coaches, who urges us to strive for big goals, assigned the group to listen to a daily “future-orientated” meditation …which I think is terrible. It was a classic case of “You think you can do better? Prove it!!”

So I did.

The result is Meditating on the Future, which I made available to others in the group if they wanted it. The feedback was extremely positive, so I decided to make it available for anyone who wants to use it.

Clare in Colorado
Wow, this is a wonderful thing you are providing people! And your voice and tone is perfect. I think it’s a good service that people need and can utilize (especially right now).

I’ve been meditating for years for its many proven benefits, and have long believed in using future visualization to condition your brain to help reach for new ideas and achievements: it’s how This is True itself was born. So putting the two together was reasonably simple for me.

If that sounds interesting to you — especially if you desire to strive for something new in the next several months to several years, and have been having a hard time making progress on that vision — you can buy a copy for just $7, and download it immediately in MP3 format for playback on your phone, tablet, computer, or even an ancient iPod!

Q: Do I need to breathe in sync with the tick-tocks?
A: Not at all. Those are just a reminder to keep it slow. In fact when I use the recording, I throw in a fourth at the front of the first three (while I’m explaining the criteria), and I usually also take 6+ seconds to exhale.

Q: Do you really listen to it?
A: Pretty much every evening. I’m working on a goal!

Q: Sometimes I “zone out” and don’t consciously follow the directions. Is that a problem?
A: Probably not. But check in with yourself now and then when not meditating: are you making progress toward your goal? If so, great. If not, double down and really work to listen and follow the directions.

Other Questions? Pop me a note.

Any Other Topics Coming?

Right now, no, but that also depends on the response to this one, and what you think I should tackle next. That said, I’m not an expert at treating mental health conditions, so it’s unlikely I would consider doing one in that realm, such as overcoming addiction or depression. Please see a degreed healthcare professional if that’s your need.

Gloria in California
I listened to it twice already while I was clearing out my in-box. It is really good, I like the tones for the breathing and the background music a lot. I already listen to a meditation at night when I go to sleep. It is only 13 minutes long and sometimes I repeat it 3 times and other times I am asleep before it finishes. When I download yours to my Fire tablet, I will be switching off or maybe just listen to yours every night as well. I am impressed with basically everything you both do, so no surprise.