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“My ex-boyfriend is an avid and very successful fisherman who asked me to protect his collection of GPS fishing spot co-ordinates [with my life no less],” wrote Angela Potter of Waikato, New Zealand. “Not a problem.” Where she wrote that: an online auction site, after her boyfriend left her “with little notice” and moved to Australia, using her suitcase to take his belongings. “When he refused to return my suitcase,” she said, “that’s when I sold his co-ordinates” at auction. Potter, a schoolteacher, said she did it for a “laugh,” and “I only expected it to get 100 hits.” But instead, the auction was in the site’s Top 10 for pageviews for all of 2012, and netted her NZ$3,000 for her ex’s secrets. She apparently also attracted a new beau — another fisherman. But since she sold the coordinates, she won’t tell her new boyfriend where her ex’s fishing spots are. “I wouldn’t do that,” she says. “I’m fairly honourable in that respect.” (RC/Waikato Times) ...If you think she’s a solid gal, you should have seen the one that got away!
Original Publication Date: 20 January 2013
This story is in True’s book collections, in Volume 19.

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