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No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

James Minor ordered some chicken at a Bojangles’ restaurant in Henrico County, Va. But when the chicken arrived, it was cold. “I sent it back to the person who was working the window and I asked them to get some fresh chicken,” Minor said. A few minutes later, someone came out and handed him a new box. “When I opened the box up, the Bojangles’ chicken box, there was probably close to $4,500 in cash and also SunTrust deposit slips,” Minor said. So he immediately went inside and told the manager what happened. But Minor said that instead of showing gratitude, the manager just told him what would have happened if he hadn’t brought the money back. “He told me in an arrogant, nasty attitude being disrespectful saying that, ‘We would’ve called the authorities on you, too,’” Minor said. Minor was offered a free meal and tailgate party, but later the chain’s corporate headquarters offered him a $100 gift certificate, but Minor said he wanted something different. “I deserve respect, an apologetic letter from the Bojangles’ company,” he said. “And probably a cash reward. What is a $100 gift certificate when you’re bringing in $4,500?” (MS/WTVR Richmond) ...Which is more important: the respect or the cash?
Original Publication Date: 26 July 2015
This story is in True’s book collections, in Volume 22.

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