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Now With More Sparkles

Some motorists in Madera, Calif., were hesitant to report what they saw, but others were more definite: there was a unicorn with a pink halter in the roadway. The unicorn — actually a 500-600 pound pony with a fake horn — had escaped from a children’s party. It was actually its second escape that day; it was quickly recaptured the first time. “Then it escaped again from another child about 5:30 pm and ran out on to the roadways,” Officer Joshua McConnell of the California Highway Patrol said. “It was finally located in an orchard by the CHP H40 helicopter, using the heat-seeking FLIR radar.” There were no injuries, but McConnell pointed out that if the pony had been hit by a car, the occupants could have been seriously injured or killed. “Children should not be tasked with restraining any animal near roadways,” McConnell advised. “Especially the large ones.” (MS/KFSN Fresno, KCRA Sacramento, KTVU Oakland) ...Heat-seeking radar? Why didn’t they just follow the rainbows?
Original Publication Date: 28 February 2016
This story is in True’s book collections, in Volume 22.

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