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Odd Couple

“I feel pretty stupid,” said Bruce Jensen, 39, of Bountiful, Utah. His wife was arrested on fraud charges, and police had to break it to him that his wife of 3-1/2 years was a man, Felix Urioste. The two were married after Urioste told Jensen “she” was pregnant with twins by Jensen — she later told him the twins were stillborn. The bishop of Jensen’s Mormon church confirms that Jensen is “just a little country bumpkin from Wyoming.” Jensen has filed for an annulment of the marriage based on irreconcilable differences and has left Bountiful, but he told a newspaper that when the case is over, he plans to return to Wyoming, “crawl in a hole for a few years and not let anyone within rifle range.” (RC/AP) ...Life Lesson number 2: never marry anyone without seeing them naked first.
Original Publication Date: 23 July 1995
This story is in True’s book collections, in Volume 2.

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