True’s Sustaining Patrons

To help keep True sustainable, these Patrons are giving extra support on an ongoing basis. Various funding levels include either mention on this page, or in the navbar of every page (with linking options, too).

There are two ways to provide this ongoing support, which have identical support and reward levels: the Recurring Subscriptions and Support page and True’s Patreon page.

We’re grateful for the special ongoing support from many readers supporting us, whether or not they choose to be listed here (in order of their sponsorship):

  • Mike Chinni
  • Walter Schmidt VSO
  • Randolph in Alberta, Canada
  • Steve Chappell
  • Debora Johnson
  • Tom Bennett
  • Rachel from Colorado
  • Robin from
  • Robert Starr, Connecticut
  • Tom Bennett of California
  • Mark in Minnesota

Thank You!

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