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Police Presence

Police were everywhere in and around a department store in Portland, Ore. There were officers on horseback out front, as well as canine cops, and plenty of them on foot — about 60 uniformed officers in all. It wasn’t the scene of a shootout, but rather the annual “Shop With a Cop” back-to-school charity event. In the middle of it all, “Two guys came in and were picking through goods, cutting tags off and loading up their backpacks with blenders, shoes, clothes and tools,” said police spokesman Sgt. Pete Simpson. Shane Alexander, 20, and Jason Vantress, 30, were arrested. When the dopey duo arrived at the store to rip it off, “they were freaked out by all the cops there,” Simpson said, “but then, they thought it would be a good time to steal, that police would be distracted.” (RC/Portland Oregonian) ...And they actually thought NONE of them would want to get out of a charity event?
Author’s Note: See also “Naughty, Not Nice” in Volume 23.
Original Publication Date: 19 September 2010
This story is in True’s book collections, in Volume 17.
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