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Putrid Pussers

After a full year of duty aboard the Royal Australian Navy ship HMAS Newcastle, a seaman was “expecting trouble” since he knew departing crew are often hazed. “When leaving the ship it’s a navy tradition where everyone gets a little beaten-up and bruised,” he testified, and sure enough, the night before he disembarked, fellow crewmen jumped him. They went well beyond good-natured fun, however. He was hog-tied, his pants were pulled down, and, after being lubed up with deep heat gel and Vegemite, he was raped — with a rubber chicken — in front of an audience of 30 other seamen. After that, they tried to jam the rubber chicken into his mouth, but “It didn’t go into my mouth because I bit my lip,” he said. The unnamed victim was left in a shower, suffering from chemical burns. Four crewmen, all with the rank of Able Seaman, were court-martialled, charged with indecent and sexual assault. In the trial, the defense attorney accused the victim of making up the “ridiculous story” to get compensation. “No sir,” the seaman responded. “I’m not that much of a sick person that I’d make something like that up.” (RC/Sydney Morning Herald, Australian AP) ...Good answer.
Original Publication Date: 12 October 2014
This story is in True’s book collections, in Volume 21.

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