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Malyk Bonnet, 17, was waiting for a bus in Montreal, Que., Canada, when he noticed a couple having an altercation. “The guy was screaming at her, the girl. He wasn’t really gentle with her, and I started watching, because I thought he would hit her, so I approached them a little bit,” he said. The couple asked him for money to take the bus to Laval, and Bonnet agreed to get change to give them money at a convenience store. The woman was able to tell him she was being kidnaped, and didn’t want to go with the man. “My plan was to keep them in a public place, where there’s a lot of people,” he said. “I decided to make myself friendly with the man, so he would trust me.” Bonnet rode with the couple to Laval, then took them to a restaurant, giving the man $50 for food. He pretended to go to the restroom, borrowed a phone, and called the police. “We were looking for a 29-year-old woman who was kidnaped by her former boyfriend earlier that day,” said police Lt. Daniel Guérin. “And we believed that man was very dangerous.” Police arrived quickly and arrested the man, and praised Bonnet’s heroism, but Bonnet said he never feared for his safety. “The guy was really tiny, so if he had something to do I would kick his ass,” Bonnet said. (MS/CBC Montreal) ...Heroism is easier when you’re young and invincible.
Original Publication Date: 30 August 2015
This story is in True’s book collections, in Volume 22.

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