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Quicker Sans Knickers

When Paul Berry heard a neighbor yell for help, he didn’t hesitate: he ran out into his New Orleans street to lend aid. “It wasn’t a pretty sight. You had me in my boxer shorts with my gut hanging out,” Berry said when it was over. The neighbor needed help apprehending a man trying to break into a car. With his wife running after them carrying a pair of pants, Berry and his neighbor caught the suspect. But as Berry dressed, the bad guy escaped and had to be chased down again. “We were both so exhausted we just lay there and tried to catch our breath,” he said. The unidentified suspect has been charged with burglary. (RC/AP) ...Or, “Pallid pantless paunchy patriarch Paul and partner pal pursue prowler down parkway; leaves pathetic parolee panting in paddywagon.”
Author’s Note: This was my first “alliterative” tagline. I don’t do them very much anymore, since they sort of became a cliché — so much so that I still get them as entries to the monthly Tagline Challenge in the Premium edition!
Original Publication Date: 28 May 1995
This story is in True’s book collections, in Volume 1.

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