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Thank you for renewing your Premium subscription to This is True. An easy option is the “one-click” Paypal buttons below — it’s the fastest option if you have a Paypal account.

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To renew using plastic, or to order True books, gift subscriptions or other items at the same time, use True’s Shopping Cart for either auto-renewing subscriptions or simple 1-year renewals.


NOTE! If you really prefer Paypal, by all means use it. Paypal is unfriendly to businesses [more info] so I prefer credit/debit cards, which you can use on True’s Shopping Cart. Thanks!

One Year Renewal

Because Paypal has several times not alerted me when autorenewal payments don’t go through, I no longer allow Paypal autorenewals: please use the shopping cart for autorenewals. If you have an existing Paypal autorenewal and it fails after your expiration date, it is immediately canceled.

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