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German cyclist Sven Riedel, 37, was hospitalized after suffering frostbite during a solo 300 km (186 mile) ride. The trip took him from Ulan-Ude to Lake Baikal, and “I didn’t think it would be so cold,” he said. “I wanted to see Lake Baikal.” Ulan-Ude and Lake Baikal are in Siberia, and he made his trip in January; temperatures were as low as -35C (-31F). Riedel was rescued by a local driver who persuaded him to go to a hospital, despite the fact Riedel doesn’t speak any Russian. He suffered frostbite on both hands and feet, but doctors managed to save his toes and fingers. (MS/Germany Local) ...It seems his brain was suffering from frostbite even before the trip.
Original Publication Date: 06 February 2011
This story is in True’s book collections, in Volume 17.

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