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School News II

Algebra teacher Solona Islam, 27, at McClellan High School in Little Rock, Ark., was put on paid leave when administrators learned she had been arrested. Police didn’t notify the school of the arrest, since only felonies must be reported, and Islam’s arrest was for a misdemeanor. The misdemeanor that rattled school officials: prostitution — and a related charge of operating a business without a license. Islam was arrested by an undercover officer after agreeing to sex for $200. She pled guilty and is “paying down” a $640 fine. When confronted by school officials, Islam resigned: she said she didn’t want school officials to be involved in her personal life. (RC/AP, KTHV Little Rock) ...She’s definitely smarter than the usual teacher busted for this kind of thing: students rarely have that kind of money.
Original Publication Date: 27 February 2011
This story is in True’s book collections, in Volume 17.

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