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Shake Your Contraband

“What exactly has been going on” at Serrano Middle School, asked Anita Wilson-Pringle, “because surely these two kids are not the first?” It wasn’t even the first time for her, her daughter told her — having to take off her jacket and shirt, pull off her bra, and shake her breasts for officials at the Highland, Calif., school. She and a friend, ages 13 and 15, had to put on the same display, Wilson-Pringle said; one protested and was allegedly told refusing could get her arrested. One of the officials watching was a man, Wilson-Pringle said. Pot was found in her daughter’s bag, but she denied owning it, and her mother said the bag was left unattended for 40 minutes. The girl got a ticket, a court date, and a way out of the school: her mother, who posted online about the incident and says she’s considering a lawsuit, said her daughter will now be home-schooled to avoid retaliation. A district spokeswoman said, “Our number one priority is to keep students safe and create an environment that is free from weapons and drugs.” (AC/San Bernardino Sun, KTLA Los Angeles) ...Why is it so often the people who want to “keep students safe” are the people students need to be kept safe from?
Original Publication Date: 10 May 2015
This story is in True’s book collections, in Volume 21.

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