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So Many Tax Dollars, So Little Time

A woman went to a grocery store in Grand Rapids, Mich., and purchased 42 bottles and cans of soda. She charged them to her Bridge Card, a federally funded debit card that’s managed by the state for use by public assistance recipients. She then took her purchase directly to the store’s automated redemption machine, and fed all 42 containers, unopened, into the machine. Inside, they all exploded as they were crushed, spreading soda and debris inside the machine and all over the surrounding floor. She then pocketed $4.20 for the returns, and left. Store manager Steve Holland said he called the state, and was told the customer did not violate Bridge Card rules. (JW/WOOD Grand Rapids) ...Next she’ll be back for a cash refund on already-chewed gum.
Original Publication Date: 28 November 2010
This story is in True’s book collections, in Volume 17.

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