Internet Spam Primer

The Spam Primer started as an extraordinarily long author’s note in the 8 December 1996 issue of This is True. As one of the first email publishers ever (early 1994), I not only realized the power of email, but also understood the flip side: how easily it could be abused — hence, the primer.

The text was updated and expanded several times since then, so to reach a wider audience it was moved to its own minisite:

The site gives you the basics of what spam is, how “they” got your address, what you can do about it, and more. That information has been expanded into an ebook available for Amazon’s Kindle that gives all that, plus outlines my own strategy for dealing with the several hundred spams per day that’s pointed at my inbox like the weapon it is. The amazing part: my strategy results in only 2-3 spams per week into my inbox. Click the cover [or here] to see it on Amazon.

But again, the basics are free on that dedicated web site, or you can get my short book for a full explanation plus the technical details (some very easy, some server-based).

Best of luck to you in eliminating your spam problem!

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