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Trying to find a previous sponsor? Readers often write to ask “what was the site that advertised _____ a few months ago? I didn’t need it before, but I do now….”

And many say they want to support the businesses that make their free subscriptions possible. We do appreciate your telling our sponsors you found them in True.
As a service to our readers and advertisers (to get info on inserting ads, see this page), for a small additional fee our advertisers can get either a copy of their ads listed on this page or a one-line description of their service so readers can find them when they have a need. Use your browser’s “search” function if you’re looking for a particular sponsor. This page only includes paid advertisers who specifically ask to be here; it does not include every advertisement that has run.
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Xero Shoes Feel Like Going Barefoot, yet still protect your feet. New Z-Trek sandal is secure without something between your toes. Rated 94 out of 100 by The Running Clinic.

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Spammers Don’t Want You To Know
Enable images to see graphicThey use easy tricks to con you out of your passwords and to get control of your computer to commit crimes. The victim? You. Take 15 minutes to read the Spam Primer, or get the highly rated ebook (just $3.99!) with proven techniques to Stop most spam from even showing up in your inbox.

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Drapes, Shades, or Blinds?Sponsors of Past MailingsFabric or Wood? Make or Buy? There are so many choices. We don’t sell window coverings, we just help you decide on your options with independent information.
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Drone Pilots Only
Sponsors of Past MailingsGet Your Wings! Custom metal Drone Pilot Wings dress up your shirt, jacket, and/or equipment box, showing your pride and professionalism in your hobby. Makes a great gift, and is actually less expensive than most message t-shirts (lasts longer, too).

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As noted on the Privacy page, I won’t recommend products unless I use them myself. In no case of recommendations have I been paid to say something nice about the service or product — I doubt any company would want to pay as much as I would charge if I didn’t actually like the product! And in no case was the product even provided to me for free for review, and I’ll say so if that ever happens. However, when I link to a place to buy a product, True will sometimes receive an “affiliate” commission if you click on the link and buy it from them after you click.