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The Everchanging Story

A man who told sheriff’s deputies in Dona Ana County, N.M., that he had lost a drinking bet and thus allowed friends to set him on fire has had his story unravel. When the tale hit newspapers, a “credible witness” came forth to tell investigators what really happened to the man, who is now identified as Randy Malone, 47. The witness said he gave Malone a ride, and Malone was fine. During the ride, the witness says, Malone lit a crack pipe. The upset witness told Malone to get out of his car, and says Malone put the lit crack pipe into his pants pocket, and that’s apparently what set him on fire. Malone has been charged with making false statements to investigators. There is a warrant out for his arrest, but so far, detectives say, Malone is “in hiding.” (RC/Las Cruces Sun-News) ...Remember, detectives: where there’s fire, there’s smoke.
Author’s Note: See “Sure-Fire Outcome” a few pages back.
Original Publication Date: 25 July 2010
This story is in True’s book collections, in Volume 17.

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