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The Pine Tree Dangling from the Mirror Didn’t Help

Police in Costa Mesa, Calif., were checking out an illegally parked car when they noticed a foul odor, and a body mostly hidden under some clothing. They broke the window and sure enough, there was a dead woman. The car wasn’t abandoned: the unnamed 57-year-old driver, a former area real estate agent who is now homeless due to the bad market, was staying at a friend’s home nearby, and admitted she had been driving the car around ever since the woman died in her seat 10 months before. The driver “was somewhat used to the smell,” a police investigator says. The mummified remains were down to about 30 pounds, and the car’s driver said she was simply afraid to call the police about the dead woman. She said she let the woman sleep in her car, and found her dead the next morning. (RC/Orange County Register) ...Just because the real estate market is dead doesn’t mean the clients should be.
Original Publication Date: 14 November 2010
This story is in True’s book collections, in Volume 17.

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