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Tough to Swallow

A pub in Sefton, England, was bought out, and locals are raising an eyebrow because the new pub chain is renaming it; it’s apparently been known as The Doric for over 100 years. AtWill Pubs already owns 13 pubs, including The Cock and Pullet in Oxton, The Cock and Donkey in Birkenhead, and The Cock in Swine in Swinton. The Doric’s new name: The Cock and Seaman. “Let’s not forget, pubs are meant to be fun places to be in,” says the chain’s co-owner, Edward Atkinson. “Scousers are known for our sense of humor,” he says regarding the “cheeky” name, but “this is not to say that we don’t take our pubs seriously. We have a passion for good pubs, quality local cask ales, and all that makes British pubs great: traditional features restored and enjoyed.” He promises that the pub will feature local Liverpool ales, “and are employing local management and staff-creating jobs, as we have done in every other pub we have.” (RC/Southport Visiter) ...Huh: so I guess it’s not just some Cock and Bull story.
Original Publication Date: 24 May 2015
This story is in True’s book collections, in Volume 21.

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