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Trickle Down

Anthony Bustos was driving in San Francisco, Calif., when he noticed a homeless man holding a sign: “Poor, hungry” it read. “I had no inclination to give alms to this man and wondered if I would feel differently were something different written on the sign,” he says. “This man didn’t need money, he needed a better sign.” So Bustos is donating his efforts for a “marketing makeover” for panhandlers in the city, making what he thinks are better signs for them. Examples: “Law School Isn’t Cheap”, “Everyone Has A Dream — Mine Includes You Sparing Some Change” and, the most popular: “Hogwarts or Bust”. Bustos says that “The idea is just as much about sending positive vibes to the city’s commuters as it is helping the homeless.” (RC/KPIX San Francisco) ...Some people will do anything to keep from giving a hungry beggar a dollar.
Original Publication Date: 27 July 2014
This story is in True’s book collections, in Volume 21.

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