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Walter White Would Be Proud

Emma Mae Faulk, 74, passed away in Macon, Ga. Her two grandsons, Nekoase Vinson, 30, and Henry Rouse, 27, were both serving time in the Bibb County Jail, but were allowed to go to the funeral home for a private viewing. Once there, they paid their respects, but things got weird during the viewing. “One of them stayed in there [with the casket] a good amount of time,” said Rev. Roland Stroud. Police allege that friends had stashed a bag of marijuana, a packet of tobacco, a lighter, and a cell phone in the casket. Vinson had allegedly collected the items from the casket, and they were found on him back at the jail. Vinson and Rouse were charged with possessing contraband and marijuana. “This incident illustrates the audacity of this generation of jail inmates,” Sheriff David Davis complained. “To use the body of a deceased grandmother to hide drugs and other contraband is wicked.” (MS/Macon Telegraph) ...He misses the old days when inmates were honest, hard-working people.
Original Publication Date: 21 September 2014
This story is in True’s book collections, in Volume 21.

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