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We Knew This Would Happen Too

Canada is finally letting foreign visitors into the country, but they must meet stringent requirements, such as uploading proof of Covid-19 vaccinations, or agreement to testing and quarantine for up to 14 days. Two men arrived at the Toronto, Ont., airport and, officials say, had uploaded fake vaccination documents, and lied about taking Covid tests before departing home. The men were not identified, except that they were from the United States. They were fined C$19,720 (US$15,800) each, but it could be worse: they could have faced six months in prison and $750,000 fines. (RC/Canadian Press) ...It could be worse: they could send them home.
Author’s Note: The Washington Post reports that “Both travelers were Canadian citizens, the country’s health agency told The Washington Post in an email.” That said, in its official press release, the Public Health Agency of Canada only said that the fines were levied against “two passengers arriving in Toronto from the United States.”
Original Publication Date: 01 August 2021
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