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Wedding Blues

A 46-year-old man was in a Hooters restaurant in Fairfax City, Va., when a young couple came in and asked for directions. After hearing their heartbreaking story about their car breaking down while on their way to a wedding, the man decided to be a Good Samaritan and loan them his BMW. He gave them the keys and told them to just leave it in the parking lot the next morning. The next morning, the car wasn’t there. He checked other area restaurants, just in case they had the wrong one. It took him eight days to realize the couple just might have stolen his car, and he reported it to police. The man lost not only his car, but an engagement ring, a laptop computer, DVDs, and clothing that he’d left in his car. Sgt. Joe Johnson said he had never heard of such a gambit. “I’ve heard of people using a scam to get money,” Johnson said. “But no one’s ever said, ‘Here’s my car, take it.’ That’s a wild one.” (MS/Washington Post) ...I don’t know if he’s dumber for believing it, or they’re gutsier for trying it.
Original Publication Date: 05 August 2012
This story is in True’s book collections, in Volume 19.

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