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Who Watches the Watchers II

A motorist who was pulled over by the police in Ankeny, Iowa, for an equipment violation turned on his cell phone video and captured the exchange with the officer. “You play Frisbee golf?” the officer asked after noticing equipment in the car. Yes, the motorist said. “Why is it that everybody that plays Frisbee golf smokes weed?” the cop asked him. They don’t, the driver said. “It’s everybody, man. You can’t tell me you never smoked weed,” the cop said, but the motorist refused to reply “one way or another.” On hearing that, the cop said, “See, there you go. How much weed do you have in the car today?” and asked to search the car. The driver refused to consent to a search, saying he doesn’t have any marijuana, adding that “Just because I have a disc golf bag doesn’t mean that every disc golfer does have weed.” To which the officer replied, “So you have weed in the car then is what you’re saying?” No, the driver said, rather “I would say I have a problem with you searching my car because you’re profiling me based on being a disc golfer.” The cop let him go, and the motorist posted the video online. Ankeny’s Police Chief apologized for the interrogation. (RC/WHO Des Moines) ...Of course, the chief would surely have backed up the officer if the motorist didn’t have proof of the illegal questioning on video.
Original Publication Date: 12 October 2014
This story is in True’s book collections, in Volume 21.

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