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Wright is Wrong

Quinton Wright, 25, is a teacher and coach at Champion Middle School in Stone Mountain, Ga. “All the boys looked up to him as a big brother,” one parent said. One mother said she trusted Coach Wright so much, she let him drive her 14-year-old son to school. Until, that is, she read the text message exchange between Wright and her son. “He told my son you can have it from 7:30 to like 8:30,” the mother read from the phone. “‘Did you tell the girl what’s going to happen? That she cannot tell anybody?’ — basically don’t tell anyone I’m allowing you to use my room.” The mother said Wright also sent her son a calendar with teachers’ schedules and a message saying he didn’t have any condoms. The mother pulled her son from the school and filed a complaint. After an investigation, Wright was arrested on four misdemeanor counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor for allegedly allowing several students to have sexual liaisons in a storage closet next his classroom, helping them ensure they didn’t get caught, and even buying condoms for them. A tribunal has recommended that Wright be fired. (MS/WSB Atlanta) ...Good big brothers and good teachers: not necessarily the same thing.
Original Publication Date: 21 June 2015
This story is in True’s book collections, in Volume 21.

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