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You Have to Hand It to Him II

Cass County, N.D., sheriff’s deputies were dispatched to a home in Horace on a report of an explosion. As they arrived a car sped away from the house, so deputies chased it: it led them to the hospital. Steven William Green told deputies that he had bought explosive fireworks, and one “went off” in his hand, causing a severe injury. All by itself? Well, no: Alexandria Lang, who drove the car and said she was Green’s housekeeper, says when Green got the fireworks, she saw ash from his cigarette drop onto one of the fuses. Green hesitated: he said he thought he should throw the firework into the next room, but didn’t because he knew his dogs — and a propane tank — were in that room. While he was deciding what to do, the device exploded; Lang had enough time to go pick up her 19-month-old son and shield him. Deputies went to his house with a search warrant to gather evidence, and found blood spattered all over the kitchen walls ...and a marijuana grow operation. Once Green is released from the hospital, he faces criminal charges. (RC/Fargo Forum) ...The fuse: slow. His thinking process: slower.
Original Publication Date: 07 February 2016
This story is in True’s book collections, in Volume 22.

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