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Above the Law

Connecticut State Rep. Brandon McGee Jr, who is on the Human Services Committee, which among other things oversees the state Office of Protection and Advocacy for Persons with Disabilities, says he “made my usual run” to Dunkin’ Donuts near the Capitol recently. An angry citizen took a photo of his parking job — in a close-in space reserved for handicapped drivers. The Democrat is not disabled, and does not have a handicapped parking permit. The photographer, who wanted to remain anonymous, gave it to someone else, who posted it online; McGee’s distinctive Legislator license plate on the BMW is clearly visible. “The person who gave me the photo says he does it regularly,” the poster said. “I talked to Rep. McGee about the seriousness of his lapse in judgment,” House Speaker Brendan Sharkey said in a statement. “He is rightfully embarrassed, he made a public apology, and will donate the cost of the ticket he could have received to an appropriate charity.” (RC/Hartford Courant) ...Don’t tell anybody, but the “appropriate charity” he has in mind is his reelection campaign fund.
Original Publication Date: 25 January 2015
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