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Be Unprepared

With church shootings well outnumbering school shootings in the United States, police in Cape Coral, Fla., had a great idea: conduct an “active shooter” exercise in a church building in nearby Bonita Springs to learn how to fight back. Police had it all set up — until the Bonita Springs city council shut the training down at the last minute. “It just seems kind of insensitive to kind of do those things where people got married or people had their funerals at,” said B.S. councilman Michael Gibson. The church building was torn down the next day. Cape Coral SWAT commander Sgt. Dana Coston decried the “missed opportunity,” noting, “The church is the people in that building, not the building itself.” (RC/WFTX Cape Coral) ...Training in an abandoned building: not insensitive. Not giving people a fighting chance: insensitive.
“U.S.: Violence Against Churches More Prevalent Than School Violence” per the conservative publication, The New American Also: 11 school shootings (including one with no deaths and no injuries) in 2012, according to the List of School Shootings in the United States (Wikipedia) vs “More than 115” violent church incidents in 2012, including 63 with at least one fatality, according to Church Shootings Prompt Pastors to Reevaluate Security in Christianity Today (Was 2012 a fluke? The same sources cite 8 school shootings in 2011, vs 108 in churches)
Original Publication Date: 11 October 2015
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