Here Kitty Kitty!

Another example of a photo really adding to a story. From True‘s 25 June 2006 issue:


Suzanne Giovanetti of West Milford, N.J., was sitting reading when her husband said there was a bear in their back yard. She grabbed her camera and ran out on her deck to find the bear had been treed — by the neighbor’s tabby cat, Jack. After 10–15 minutes the bear finally jumped out of the tree and ran, with Jack in hot pursuit. It escaped by climbing another tree. “He doesn’t want anybody in his yard,” Jack’s owner said. (Newark Star-Ledger) …Yeah, but the bear doesn’t know Jack.

Tiny-by-comparison cat chases black bear way up tree in back yard.

Note the tiny-by-comparison kitty at the base of the tree. (Photo by Suzanne Giovanetti.)

3 Responses to Here Kitty Kitty!

  1. Lady Anne, Bradshaw, MD June 20, 2016 at 6:21 pm #

    Never mind a big, snarly dog, that’s the sort of watch-cat I want.

  2. Hyman in NJ June 20, 2016 at 7:47 pm #

    This reminds me of a friend that raised rabbits. He had one male that was so vicious, he was considering getting rid of it. One day, he heard noise from the rabbit hutch and saw a fox running away, leaving a trail of blood. After bracing himself, he went in to see the damage. The trail went to that rabbit’s cage. He found absolutely no injury to the rabbit, and figured that the fox had learned that a rabbit’s teeth and claws fit through chicken wire, while a fox’s obviously does not. The “killer attack rabbit” earned a permanent home in the cage closest to the hutch door.

  3. Shirley, New Westminster, BC June 28, 2016 at 2:22 pm #

    We also had a cat that scared away a bear. When I was about 14 we took our 21 lb. tabby with us camping at a lake. He looked more like a bobcat than a house cat. We would take the cat out on a leash or we left him zipped up in the tent. One day, coming back to the campsite from the lake, while that cat was supposedly in the tent, we heard panicky voices saying there was a bear in the campground. We saw a big black bear and our tabby facing off and thought “oh, oh, this doesn’t look too good for our kitty”. Our kitty took one swipe at the bear’s nose and the bear turned tail and ran off. Our cat just sauntered back to our campsite as if it was no big deal. But he was the hero of the campsite from the on!

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