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Beyond a Reasonable Doubt

A bank robbery in Virginia Beach, Va., resulted in an arrest within 20 minutes. Then came the task of proving that the suspect, Dominyk Antonio Alfonseca, 23, committed the crime. In this case, it was pretty easy: in that 20 minutes, Alfonseca had posted several things to his Instagram account: two videos of the robbery from his point of view, and a photo of the demand note he handed to the teller. Alfonseca claimed he certainly didn’t rob the bank, but only “asked for” money. “I don’t know how I’m a robber, because I asked for it,” he told a local TV reporter. “She could have said no, and I could have left.” A judge didn’t agree: Alfonseca was sentenced to 35 months in prison. Still, “I didn’t consider it robbery,” Alfonseca complained. “The way I see it is, by law I might be guilty, but [by] my logic I’m not. I feel like I’m innocent by logic.” (RC/WTKR Norfolk) ...Well there’s his problem.
Original Publication Date: 26 June 2016
This story is in True’s book collections, in Volume 22.

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