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The first This is True book, This is True: Deputy Kills Man With Hammer — And 500 Other Bizarre-but-True Stories and Headlines from the World’s Press, is finally off the press — the third leg in making the publication profitable enough to continue (and enable me to quit my Day Job).

The original cover. The bozo who designed this didn’t even think to put “Volume 1” anywhere. D’oh!

Its debut was delayed by my demands for quality: I wanted acid-free paper and non-petroleum ink, both to ensure the pages won’t yellow three weeks after you leave it in your bathroom and so I didn’t have to feel guilty about a chemical sludge buildup below the press.

I also paid extra for “stay-flat lamination” so that the fun four-color cover will stay glossy, resist scratching, and yet won’t roll up in a little ball twelve seconds after you put it down.

Why the US$11 cover price? I did not price it at $10.95 or $10.99 since I don’t believe in that stupid gimmick to make you think it’s “less than $11” — just another indication that I respect my readers’ intelligence.

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See info on the book collections. There are a lot more volumes now!

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  1. Eleven bucks??? That’s chump change! I won’t mention competitor books but when certain, um, “companions” run $10-$15, your books will be just as interesting and enjoyable short reading sojourns and a great addtion to any collection. Thanks for the link!

    Yep, and they stayed at $11 for nearly 20 years. Of course, once I expanded to Premium subscribers, they got a discount, and still do. -rc


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