Why oh Why2K?

or, Ponderings on the New Millennium

“I would like to take you seriously, but to do so would affront your intelligence.” –William F. Buckley, conservative newspaper columnist.

It all started as a bit of musing in my author’s note in the first issue of the year 2000. Then, the more comments from readers I published, the more they streamed in. Let’s recap. In the issue published 7 January 2000, I pondered:

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Reduce, Reuse — Then Recycle

On Friday, we finally caught up with the pre-orders for the reprints of Volume 1 of the True book collection. One recipient complained: “I was bummed that my books came packaged with Styrofoam ‘peanuts’. I can’t believe that any world-conscious business would buy those dang things and pollute our planet! Can’t you use something else? There is a new product out that uses recycled newspapers, for instance.”

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Good Clean Fun

I’m in Southern California, where I’ll again be giving the after-dinner wake-up speech at the Skeptics Society’s annual conference in Pasadena, Calif. I have the delightful job of presenting an “award” for the dumbest thing of 1998 (culled, of course, from True!) to warm up the crowd for the Keynote speaker. The theme this year: “Reinventing Evolution: The Great Debate at the High Table of Evolutionary Theory.”

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Fun Mail, Funny Male

While I’m not always able to reply to email, I love getting comments from readers — I do personally read them all. I even appreciate the bad stuff. I prefer the fun stuff, of course, but even rants can be useful. Here’s one of each type, so you get the idea:

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