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Dangerous Job

“[I] want the professionalism of our officers on display for the city and world to see,” said Omaha, Neb., Police Chief Todd Schmaderer, welcoming camera crews from the TV show Cops to his city to ride around with his officers, taping the show. When a detective called for backup for a robbery in progress at a Wendy’s hamburger restaurant, a two-officer car with a camera crew was closest. When the officers heard the robber had a Wendy’s employee at gunpoint, they went in, followed by the camera crew. The robber fired two shots at the officers, and all three returned fire, letting loose “at least 30” shots. Despite being hit multiple times, the robber was still able to run outside before collapsing. But his gun was an Airsoft pistol, so his shots didn’t hurt anyone, even though it looked and sounded real. Bryce Dion, 28, a sound man from the Cops crew, was wearing a bulletproof vest, but one of the police bullets went through the arm hole and into his torso. He was the first Cops crew member to be killed on the job; Cops has been running since 1989. (RC/Omaha World-Herald) ...Let’s hope the cameraman still managed to catch the professionalism of the officers for the city and the world to see.
Original Publication Date: 14 September 2014
This story is in True’s book collections, in Volume 21.

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