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Deep Doo Doo

Shane Farberman was driving with a couple of friends from work in Toronto, Ont., Canada, when they witnessed a crime: a man attacking two women. The women tried to run, but the man was chasing them, and Farberman drove up to the women to help them escape, while calling 911 for help. The clincher: Farberman was on his way home from work, and he and his two colleagues are professional clowns — his professional name is Doo Doo — and they were all in full makeup and clown costumes. “[They’re] looking at a black Hummer, and a clown screaming ‘Get in! Get in!’,” he remembers. He realized that it had to be “bizarre” for the women — but with the attacker closing in they jumped in with the two clowns in the back seat. The attacker, meanwhile, attacked Farberman’s Hummer. “He was kicking, smashing it, and all of a sudden he ripped my mirror off. He looked like Jack Nicholson in [The Shining],” he said. That’s when the police finally arrived, who “subdued” the unnamed man. Video of the incident went viral world-wide, and Toronto city councillor Norm Kelly praised Farberman’s bravery, noting “You weren’t clowning around!” (RC/Toronto Star) ...And if anyone knows about being clowns in public, it’s politicians.
Original Publication Date: 20 December 2015
This story is in True’s book collections, in Volume 22.

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