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Do You Know the Way to Bluewater Bay?

A police officer in Niceville, Fla., saw a truck driving erratically and pulled the vehicle over. According to the officer, he asked the driver where he was coming from, and the driver said he was gong “that way.” When asked for clarification, the driver said, “Bluewater Bay.” The officer explained to the man that he was coming from a different direction than Bluewater, but the driver insisted he was coming from Bluewater Bay. The officer then asked where the man was going, and he replied, “Bluewater Bay.” When the officer pointed out that the man had made a right turn from the left-turn lane, running over the median in the process, the man replied, “I was just trying to get home.” The officer then asked for the man’s driver’s license, registration, and proof of insurance, and the driver handed him a Ruby Tuesday’s restaurant coupon. When the officer pointed out it wasn’t his driver’s license, the man handed him another Ruby Tuesday’s coupon and asked, “Is this my driver license right here?” According to the arrest report, this sort of conversation continued for several minutes. A Breathalyzer showed the driver’s blood alcohol content at approximately 0.2 percent. (MS/Northwest Florida Daily News) ...He will gladly pay you Tuesday for a Ruby today.
Original Publication Date: 24 January 2016
This story is in True’s book collections, in Volume 22.

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