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Don’t Be a Baby

Crystal McCullough was breastfeeding her baby in Big Woody’s bar in Chesapeake, Va., when the manager asked her to leave. “I said there is no law that says I can’t breastfeed and drink,” McCullough said. “I’m not doing anything wrong, and he then proceeded to say, you know what it’s also my right to refuse service. I’m going to be cashing you guys out, you can leave.” McCullough took to social media to expose the business as “unfriendly to breastfeeding moms” and indicated she was planning a nurse-in in protest. But the tactic backfired: other patrons commented about the complaints they’d given to the manager — not that McCullough was breastfeeding, but that she was drinking while doing it. McCullough says that, while she had drinks there, she hadn’t drunk “much” and that the amount wasn’t enough to affect her baby. Medical experts don’t agree on how much is too much and several advise not drinking any alcohol while breastfeeding. (MS/WTKR Norfolk) ...Somewhere in all of this, there’s a baby waiting to eat.
Original Publication Date: 05 October 2014
This story is in True’s book collections, in Volume 21.

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