Honorary Unsubscribe

Without any announcement, the first “Honorary Unsubscribe” runs in True.

The first write-up is a very brief nod toward Jack Lord, the star of the 1968–1980 hit TV series, Hawaii Five-O.

Lord was a huge star in the 1970s, but had retired — and was nearly completely forgotten by the time he died. I thought someone who had done such a marvelous job entertaining millions shouldn’t be forgotten, so I wrote him up for a new section in the newsletter.

The feature led to a new book series, too: Jack Lord’s write-up is of course the lead item in the first Honorary Unsubscribe book.

– – –

Reader reaction was very positive, but I don’t commit to doing it regularly: “I’ll do more when I’m aware of someone dying who’s worthy of the space,” I said in response. But almost every week, I do find someone worthy.

The write-ups were later moved to their own Archive of Obituaries and book collections.

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