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If at First Obliviots Don’t Succeed, They Often Fail, Fail Again

In 2008, Gregory Aaron Rouzer of Harrisonville, Pa., was convicted of ambushing and shooting Randy Walters as part of a family feud, and was sentenced to 15–50 years in prison. Despite being shot three times, Walters survived. In 2009, Rouzer was convicted of conspiring with his girlfriend to hire a hitman from prison to finish Walters off. The hitman Rouzer hired, of course, was an undercover cop who was placed in the prison when officials got wind of the plot. Rouzer was sentenced to an additional 5–10 years — “Not enough years,” Walters commented at the time; the girlfriend, Mildred J. Tressler, 46, was given probation. This year, Rouzer, now 48, has been charged again with conspiring with his new girlfriend to hire a hitman from prison, again to kill Walters. This time the hitman was a hitwoman: a female state trooper who told the conspirators her name was “Joanie Pepperoni”. Rouzer and Laraine K. Patterson, 54, are charged with solicitation and conspiracy to commit homicide. (RC/Hagerstown [Md.] Herald-Mail, WTAE Pittsburgh) ...What I want to know: how does an imprisoned loser like Rouzer keep getting “new girlfriends”?
Original Publication Date: 20 March 2016
This story is in True’s book collections, in Volume 22.

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